Term 2 2019-2020

 Parent View

Christmas Dinner

Co-op Funding


Panto Letter

Year 4 Saxon Workshop

 Swimming Timetable

Club Letter

School Photographs

Emergency School Closure

Year 3 Music Lessons

Year 6 Music Lessons

Phonics Workshop

Bonfire Menu

AAC Parents

Singing Club

Adult Learning

Parent Communication


Term 1 2019-2020

 Carol Singing at Rye College Years 4&5

 Seahorses Update

 D&V Information Sheet

 Good to be Green!

 Christmas on a budget course

 Year 6 Forest School


 Swimming Safety

 Pupil Premium

 Nut Free Zone

 ELSA Letter

 Year 1 Super Hero Day

 Meet the Teacher

 Meet the Teacher Seahorses

 Rye College Young Writers Competition

 Swimming Timetable

 Movers and Groovers Registration form

Singing Club Registration Form

 Tennis Club Registration Form

 Trip and Medical Consent Form


Term 6 2018-2019

Young Writers Competition Years 4/5

SALs Shoes "Toe to Toe"

Summer Fair Map

Summer Fair Info

Music Well Letter

Summer Holiday Sports Club

Reception Reminder

Open Evening and Sports Day

 Transitions Letter

Transitions Letter Barracudas

Ben Neville Bio

Fran Brassleay Bio

 Kayleigh Malcomson Bio

Jenny Leigh Bio

Danielle Smout Bio

Trisha Banks Bio

Staffing Update 02.07.19

 Killer Whales Memo

Collection Arrangements

PE Kit Reminder

One World Day

Cuttlefish Memo

Local Trip Consent Form

 Bridgepoint Concert

Playground Access

Year 4 Roman Day

Year 3 Ancient Greek

Junk Orchestra

Year 4 Roman Day

 Year 5 STEM Day

 Year 1 Trip

PGL Meeting

 Seahorses Update

 Jerwood Exhibition

Jellyfish Library

 Stingrays Library Visit

Reception Class Trip

 Rye Primary Aquinas Advisory Council (RPAAC)

 Year 2 Animal Extravaganza

Term 6  After School Clubs


Term 5 2018-2019

 Parent Forum Letter

 Off to bake course

 PTA Flyer

 May Holiday Club

 Swim School

 Reception Health Check

 School E News

 Wheelbarrow Competition

 Year 6 Bikeability

Year 5 Bikeability

 Operation Encompass

 Tales of the Road

 Arrive Alive

 Swimming Memo YR&5

 Flower Festival

Ready Steady Go

 Staffing Update

 Year 4 Trip

Battery Hunt

 Year 4 Memo

Year 5 Trip


Term 4 2018-2019

 Menu Change

Singing Club Memo

 Love your left overs

Staffing Update

Parent Forum

 Purple & Wear a Hat Day Reminder

 Miss Isted Absence

 Phonics Party

 Singing Club Memo

 Year 3 Trip

 Year 6 Trip

 Recycle with Michael

 Bikeability Permission Slip

 Bikeability Memo

 Food Bank

 Spring Fair

Red Nose Day

 Year 6 Victorian Day

 Year 4 Jerwood Trip Part 2

 Jellyfish Update


 World Book Day


Term 3 2018-2019

 Parent Forums

  Year 4 Workshop

 Term 4 After School Clubs Timetable

 Term 4 After School Clubs

 Reception and Y5 Swimming Website

 Violin Memo

 Heating Update

Permissions Reminder

Jellyfish Teacher Letter

Reading Cafe

Reception Swimming Letter

Jellyfish Teacher Letter

TK Maternity Letter

Parent Consultations

 Killer Whales Parent Consultations

Sardines Parant Consultations


Term 2 2018-2019

NHS Year 6 Review

PTA Change of Date Letter

Playing with English Course

 Substantive Appointment Letter

After School Clubs Timetable

After School Clubs

Access Changes


 Parents Forum

 Christmas Performance Restrictions

 PTA Letter

 Reception Trip

 Reception Teacher

 Rye Executive Advisory Body Parental Election Letter

 Rye Primary Improvement Plan 2018-19 Letter

 PTA Letter

 Early Years Christmas Performance

 Christmas Performance

 Club Event


 Safeguarding Reminder

 Green Footsteps

 Lobsters Parents Evening

 KS1 Christmas Dinner

 Welcome to Aquinas Letter

 Lobsters Parents Evening

 Website Feedback Letter

 Improvement Update

 PTA Letter to Parents

 Bonfire Menu

 Individual & Siblings School Photo's

 Peasmarsh Christmas Fun

 Yr 2 Ypres School Trip


Term 1 2018-2019

 Rye Academy Trust Consultation Letter

 Consultation on Transfer Document

 AGM 2018 Poster

 Attendance Reward

 Early Years Workshop

 Parents Evening

 Open Evening

 Yr 5 School Trip

 Yr 4 Jerwood Trip

 PTA Newsletter

 September Fun Day Menu

 Feel Good Friday

 Playden WI Flyer

 Creative Christmas

 Menu Change 4th October

 Height and Weight Letter


Term 6 2017-2018

 Rye Academy Trust Leadership Update

 Rye Academy Trust Announces Major Capital Investment

 Important Announcement Regarding Rye Studio School


Term 5 2017-2018

 Cooking After School

 ES Spring Summer Final Menu

 Holiday Club

 Online Safety Poster

 Pugwash Rare Breeds Letter


Term 4- 2017-2018

 Fire Safety Letter

 Final OFSTED Letter

 Managing Fighting and Aggression

 Snow Day Homework
 World Book Day

 Netball Tournament


Term 3- 2017-2018

 Online Safety

 Reading Cafe


 After School Clubs Term 3

 After School Clubs Timetable


Term 2- 2017-2018

Clubs Event

 Christmas Sing Song YR & Pugwash

 Swimming Term 2


Term 1- 2017-2018

 Get Ready for Work Course Poster Nov - Dec 2017

 Year 6 school trip

 Year 2 Dress up

 Year 3 school trip


 Cross Country Championships

 PTA Newsletter

  Y6 Homework Club

 Preparing for Christmas on a budget

 Triple P Discussion Group - Y6

 After School Football Club - Y1,2,3

 After School Football Club - Y4,5,6

 After School Gymnastics Club - Y4,5,6

 After School Multi-Skills Club - Y1,2,3


 Movers and Groovers Club

 Year 5 Coast Trips

 After School Art Club

 Year 6 Residential Trip

 After School Netball Club

 Snuggle Buggle Relaunch

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