Welcome to Barracudas Class.

We are a Year 3 Class.


Our Teacher is Miss Brunton and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Mitchell

Barracudas News

Week ending17th March 2017

We have had a brilliant week in Barracudas and Cuttlefish!

On Monday we visited the Jerwood Art Gallery in Hastings as part of an ongoing project for Year 3. We worked with an artist called Ed Boxall, where we were able to carry out printing. Miss Shackel took us on an adventure around the Old Town too in search of hidden gems and pebbles!

In Science we have been looking at plants. We carried out the celery experiment to see how plants absorb liquid but are still waiting for the results - watch this space!

Finally we all trekked over to Rare Breeds as part of our term 4 topic. We met the animals (including the gorgeous 1-week old piglets!) and made our own plant pots to grow daffodils in.



Week ending 10th March 2017

What a busy week it's been in Barracudas. We've been looking at 3D shapes, and understanding the properties. To do this we decided it was best to make them ourselves, so we used nets to create cuboids, spheres and other 3D shapes too. This was extremely sticky but helpful!


As our topic is Fairtrade and Farming, we created our own farms using lego in groups of 5. We then split up into 'Farmers' and 'Buyers'. We looked at how the difference in pay amongst farmers, and whether being protected by the Fairtrade law helped this. It was a really interesting activity which brought up some great questions and ideas.


Week ending 10th February 2017

A great end to another brilliant term!

We said goodbye to the attendance trophy this week - well done to those Barracudas that have been coming to school every day!

We also finished our stories this week, and we are even more excited now to get stuck in to our brand new story in Term 4 - Jemmy Button.

Year 3 have had a brilliant time celebrating Yellow Day and raising money for St Michael's Hospice!


Week ending 27th January 2017

We have been using a range of different actions in our Talk for Writing in Year 3. This week we finished learning the story of Hugo and Penny the Polar Bear, which was left for us to learn by an explorer. Here are some examples of our brilliant actions!


To help us think of ideas for our 500 word story, Barracudas and Cuttlefish have been creating role plays, inventing our own adventure stories and then performing them in text time. We tried hard to be as imaginative as possible - with some brilliant results!

Week ending 20th January 2017

What exciting times in Year 3! Last week a mysterious capsule was found by the builders and Mr Playford. Inside was a letter from an explorer named Hugo Tuppence, as well as the story of when he found an abandoned Polar Bear. Barracudas and Cuttlefish have been so inspired we have decided to learn Hugo's story using Talk for Writing!


We also had a lot of fun creating human bar charts. As part of our maths learning, Year 3 looked at how to collect and interpret data. We thought this would be more exciting if we were the bars in the chart! 

Week ending Tuesday 20th December 2016

We have had a wonderful time getting into the Christmas spirit in Year 3! We had a fantastic Christmas party, followed by the fair on Friday. We sold tiffin and had a Christmas tree game - this proved to be a hit!

Our Term 2 finished by designing our own Christmas board games for us to take home and enjoy over Christmas. What a term it's been!


Week ending 9th December 2016

We have spent the week busily preparing for our sharing assembly - and what a sharing assembly it was! Barracudas have been learning all about WW1 animals - here are our War Pigeon masks!

Christmas has come to Year 3! Here is Henry starting our game for the Christmas fair.

Week ending 2nd December 2016

In Barracudas we have been trying out new activities in Rye Readers this week. Today we read our books and mimed what we had read to our partner - with some interesting results!


English this week has been very exciting, as we have started learning our book The Little Hen and the Great War using Talk for Writing. Here is an example of our freeze frames from the story!


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