Welcome to Clown Fish Class News.

We are a Year 1 Class.


Our Teacher is Miss Brewster and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Huggett and Mrs Paine.

Clown Fish News

Week commencing 27th February

This week in maths the children have been learning about position and movement. They have been giving and following instructions that included moving to the left and right. Turning clockwise or anti clockwise and turning in quarter, half and three quarter turns.


Clownfish Design and Technology Day

Clownfish had a creative day on Friday. They planned, designed and made some amazing dragon sock puppets.




Week commencing 30th January 2017

Clownfish have been bringing in some amazing homework projects.


Clownfish love reading in their book corner during Rye Readers. Anita and Owen enjoyed sharing one of Owen’s favourite books, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.



To help Clownfish remember, ‘The Egg’ story they have been using Talk for Writing actions

23rd January 2017

The fire brigade visited Seahorses and Clownfish today.

The children were fascinated with how various equipment works.

They impressed the fire fighters with sensible questions and answers.

They were lucky enough to spend some time inside the truck with flashing lights and sirens!


The Year One Seahorse and Clownfish classes were surprised to discover their classrooms had been messed up by an unknown weekend visitor.

After much investigation and discussion the children came to the conclusion that a dragon must have trampled through our classrooms.

Some thought it was a baby dragon which hadn’t yet grown into its large paws as there was no sign of fire damage.…and everyone knows that baby dragons are the only ones which haven’t learned how to breathe fire!  Others thought that the dragon was curious about maths, and one child even suggested that it had to have been a troublesome teenage dragon !

A lot of imaginative writing evolved from this visit.


Week commencing 16th January 2017

In maths the children have been using cubes, rulers and metre sticks to measure the length of objects around the classroom.



The children measured each other’s height using metre sticks and tape measures. They then stood in order of height.


Week commencing 9th January 2017

On Monday the children arrived at school to find that their classroom had been wrecked by a dragon! The children enjoyed following the footprints and they discovered an egg which the dragon left behind.



In maths the children have been role playing shops. They worked independently and in pairs to select the correct coins to pay for different items.


Clownfish have their library visit on Thursday 26th January. If your child would like to borrow a book or two from the library they need to bring their library card to school on that day.

This term Clownfish will have their PE lesson on a Tuesday morning.

Week commencing 3rd January 2017

Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year.

This week Clownfish have been writing their own poems about dragons and dragon’s caves. We wanted to share some of their fabulous learning.



Week commencing 12th December 2016

This week Clownfish have been busy practising for our Christmas performance. We hope you all enjoyed it.

On Wednesday we had a special visitor.


Week beginning 5th December 2016

This week the Clownfish have been painting and decorating their Diwali Diva lamps.



Week beginning 28th November

This week Clownfish have been identifying and labelling 3D shapes.


Clownfish enjoyed printing in their art lesson.


Week ending 25th November

Clownfish class had an amazing time dressing up as; kings, queens, princesses and knights today. We have just begun our topic on castles and we are enjoying learning all about the different parts of the castle and how people used to live in castles.

The children looked fabulous and enjoyed designing and making their castles. Thank you for supporting the children in having a great experience.



Week ending 18th November

Over the past three weeks the Clownfish have been counting in twos, fives and tens.


In English the children acted out the story of Guy Fawkes.


Owen made a penguin out of playdough.

In science the children experimented making  fireworks in a jar.


In our art lesson the children made some fabulous  firework pictures, using pastels, paint and glitter.



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