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We are a Year 4 Class.


Our Teacher is Miss Baker and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Townsend.

Killer Whales News

9th June 2017

Miss Baker asked Killer Whales  to do some research over half term to prepare for our new Volcano topic. Our volcano is in Greece (Thera Volcano). These lovely children have all created some Greek research at home and presented it to the class. As you can see, it makes our classroom display extremely informative!! Well done.

Week commencing 20th February 2017

Killer Whales have started their 'Rise of the Robots' topic by making giant robots! These will be our starting point for creative writing. 


Week commencing 30th January 2017

In Killer Whales we have been learning about humans and animals. We have learnt all about digestion and food chains. We carried out an investigation about human teeth. Miss Baker asked the question - Which liquid does the least damage to teeth?

We chose everyday liquids like milk, water, coke, squash, orange juice and vinegar. We left an egg overnight in a cup of each liquid. The egg represents a tooth and the shell is the enamel on the tooth. We found out that squash and coke rot the enamel in your teeth!! We will be brushing our teeth daily now and will only drink water!!




Week commencing 9th January 2017

Killer Whales Class got a phone call about an intrusion in school! We found footprints coming from the field behind school. It was clear a lion had jumped over the fence. We followed the footprints to find a lion had trashed our classroom and jumped out of the window!! This event has started off our 'Talk for Writing' linked to our class book 'The Butterfly Lion.'


News week commencing Monday 12th December 2016

Killer Whales had such a fun Christmas party! We played twister, table tennis, Operation, Splat and even homemade board games!! We finished the day with Killer Whales have the X Factor 2016! Which they all certainly do!!




We have finished our science topic of electricity. The children have loved the practical side to this topic. We made torches using our knowledge of making a circuit. We then could use the torch to do Morse Code like they did in World War One! Bright sparks!!



We have been working like elves to produce festive treats to sell at the fair! 

News week commencing Monday 21st November 2016

In Maths, Killer Whales are using different methods to multiply numbers. Some children are using the grid method and some have moved on to the expanded grid method. Both involve partitioning the number to make it easier to multiply.

Tony Peek the poet inspired us to work together to write a poem. We used our topic knowledge about communication in WW1 to write a poem about a war dog.



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