Welcome to Lobsters Class News

We are a Year 2 class.


Our Teacher is Miss Mepham and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Budd.

Week ending 2nd December 2016

This term we have been reading Julia Donaldson’s The Room on the Broom. As a school we have been using a talk for writing approach where the children learn the story, change the story and then invent their own.  The children have been so enthusiastic about the text and have loved retelling it using their own words. Look at how amazing their writing and story maps are!


They have also been using their fantastic purple polishing pens to edit and improve their writing. This has recently been introduced to year 2 and the children enjoy using them independently.


The children enjoyed their fantastic dress up day where they designed their own magical hats in preparation to making them. Thank you to all of the parents/carers adults who supported this and made it a truly magical day! 


In science we have been learning about bacteria and this week we carried out an interesting experiment. The children were split into two groups; one with freshly washed hands and one without freshly washed hands. We then passed around a clean slice of bread and sealed it in a bag. The children cannot wait to find out which group will develop the most bacteria on their bread. Darci predicted that, “the dirty hand group will grow more bacteria because their hands already have millions of bacteria on them. The clean hand group will have less so there is less bacteria to spread”.
We will be monitoring the results so watch this space!


Week ending 18th November 2016

Both Sea Turtles and Lobsters classes, had an amazing time dressing up as Witches and Wizards today. We have just begun the topic and we are enjoying the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. 

The children looked amazing and enjoyed a range of activities themed around the topic. Thank you so much for supporting the children in having a great experience.





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