Welcome to Minnows Class News.

We are a Reception class.


Our Teachers are Miss Isted and Miss Lee and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Mewburn.

Minnows News

3rd July 2017

What a wonderful week we have had this week.  The children have really enjoyed demonstrating their creativity and imagination through creating pebble art.


Minnows were impeccably well behaved on our trip the library. The children enjoyed looking at all the transport and vehicles as we walked through the town. Once in the library the children enjoyed looking and reading a range of new and familiar stories.


Several members of the public commented to staff about how well behaved and well-mannered the children were. We are as always very proud of them.

With this weeks transition days the children have coped very well. We have talked in class about strategies to support understanding our feelings in times of change.    


The afternoons in Clownfish and Seahorses were very successful. All the children returned back full of excitement about their new classes and teachers. Miss. Brewster and Miss. Sutti have both commented on how impressed they were with the children in both their behaviour and their learning.

We have received some more contributions towards the cost of next weeks trip. We do however have some still outstanding. Please return to school ASAP.

On Tuesday the children will need to look after their own belongings so please send them in with a back-pack style bag. Children will need:

  • Sun hat
  • Water bottle
  • Rain coat
  • Lunch (if not having school packed lunch)
  • Sunscreen must be applied before school.
  • Wearing school school uniform including ties.


30th June 2017

From ‘Mini-medics’ last Friday we have been the emergency services and what an emergency is.

The children have also become extra creative! The children were all very proud of their art exhibition which was based on ‘Hooray for Fish’ the children thought up and designed their own imaginary fish, they painted them and wrote their own labels. They also created 3D turtles, jelly fish, whales and a giant octopus. The children had the opportunity to admire the incredible artwork across the whole school. There was such a feeling of pride at Rye Primary. :-)


The children loved exploring the pebble artwork too.


Here is Julian continuing the artistic theme, creating his own drum after hearing the amazing drumming from year one’s storyteller.

As you can see by this independent writing that the children are ready for year one.

They all know their new class teachers and teaching assistants and will be spending time on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this week. Just a reminder that on Thursday the children will be collected from their new classrooms.

W/c 19th June 2017

What a hot week we’ve had.  Thank you to all the parents who sent their child in wearing previously applied sunscreen, a sun hat and water bottles. We worked hard to ensure the childrens comfort and safety this week and we opened one of our classrooms at lunchtime so that children could stay in if they wished at lunchtime. Please continue to ensure your child has everything they may need in school until the end of term.

We have been really busy getting ready for open evening take a sneak peek at some of the work in progress....


We have enjoyed innovating our new text ‘Horay for Fish’ 

We have continued our keeping safe learning by role playing emergency services... 

...and first aid...

And then on Friday we had a visit from Jamie and Gemma from ‘SavingLives’ who ran a minimedics course with us. We learnt lots about the ambulance service and A&E staff, and what to do in an emrgency. This session was really fun and pratcical as well as lots of information and life skills.




National Den Day 2017

Thank you for supporting our recognition of ‘National Den Day’ for ‘Save the Children’. The children had such fun and showed great team building skills when building their dens. Also they appreciated why we were creating dens, they were keen to support others in need.


Thanks to your support we raised £45 for Save the children. 

This Friday 23rd the children will become mini-medics for the day; we are very fortunate to have skilled professionals in to teach basic first aid in the event of an emergency. Again teaching the children vital life skills.

(Hence no snuggle Buggle this Friday. )

Week beginning Monday 5th June.

What a wonderfully exciting start to our last term in Minnows and Sardines. We have been discussing democracy a lot this week and we told the children that the adults in the country were going to be taking part in a big vote. They decided they wanted in on some of the action. So we have had votes about what it is they wish to learn about; they have all delivered campaign messages with “If I were Prime Minister…” speeches, and they voted for the Golden Trophy winner.



This week the children were surprised with the arrival of some eggs. They have watched in amazement as they have hatched, sometimes in front of our very eyes! The children have been very good at taking care of the chicks, not being too noisy, keeping their food and water topped up, and remembering to wash their hands after they have handled them.  The chicks have helped us to start talking about changes and growing up as we start to support the children in transitioning in to Year One.



Please note there was a mistake (whoops sorry!) on the Den Day letter that went home this week. Den Day will be on Friday 16th June.

Week 6 Term 5

This term has flown by and it has been incredibly exciting. The learning which is led by the children began with dinosaurs, followed by the stone age, this led nicely onto ‘Our world’ leading up to our celebration of ‘One World Day’ this was brilliant and celebrating differences and similarities of different countries.




So from earth…

Many children showed an interest in the solar system so we have been around the world and ended the term in space. We found a brilliant song on YouTube called ‘The solar system song’ KidsTV123: it’s just beautiful and so informative too, not just the order of planets but describing them.

The children have made planets with sparkly black playdough, Seren was sad pluto was not included in the solar system due to its size so included it in her models, along with Neptune. Ella was making Venus.

The children have created their own moon rock using foil, the rolling it into balls of rock was great for strengthening fine motor skills.

The children have also explored the concept of estimating. They can now make very sensible guesses and count to check. Here were some children playing an estimating game as a child initiated activity.

Have a wonderful week off. Please try the homework challenges and continue to read. Have fun in the sun. With thanks to all your support this term. From all the reception team.

Week 5 Term 5

What an amazing week we had in Minnows and Sardines this week.

Thank you so much to all of our supporters who came out in the damp weather to cheer us on. I am sure you were all impressed not only with the wonderful running, jumping and throwing on display but the amazing sportsmanship demonstrated with all the children cheering each other on and so proud of each other’s achievements and successes. They were all stars!



We would also like to say a huge thank you to the amazing Sports Ambassadors from Rye College who were so wonderful at ensuring each event ran as it should and helped inspire, motivate and engage our young children with their very first Sports Day.

The weather improved as the week went on. We are now all enjoying the lovely peaceful and relaxing willow yurt. Sardines were able to attend its grand opening and say a huge thank you to Helen Mucci and her team of volunteers who have created this special space for us. We have a wonderful PTA here at Rye who make a real difference for the children here. If you would like to get more involved please speak to Sophie Judge (one of our Minnow’s parents) for more information.

This week we have been celebrating One World week by looking at maps and globes. Talking about what we know from other countries and cultures around the world. We have made our own worlds using collage, flags and built homes and famous structures from around the world. We also learnt songs and phrases in lots of different languages.


We had so much fun on Friday celebrating multiculturalism and diversity with our One World Day party with Pugwash. Thank you so much for all the wonderful different food and costumes that you provided.


Week 4 Term 5

Sardine’s partner class Killer Whales invited them to watch Joshua’s volcano experiment in their classroom. This was very exciting. Sardines invited Killer Whales to watch their talk for writing ‘Dino-Tour’ next week, they will be paired for reading. Great positive links with the older children in School.

We have also been fortunate to have had some year six’s supporting our learning in the afternoons this week.

The children showed great determination when excavating the dinosaur bones, they organised their own timer system to make sure it was fair for everyone to have the same time to excavate.


Cayden was excited when he discovered a dinosaur’s skeleton.

Super fine motor skills and teamwork was demonstrated when a challenge was set to complete the mat with gems


Mark making Stone Age style, using sticks and tools in the brown cornflour (mud)


Then we went one step further to create our own cave which the children drew some cave drawings. As you can see the children were delighted by this new experience.



A sign was created for a broken bike so children didn’t choose it. It says ‘this bike is broke’.

Don’t forget Sport’s Day on Monday and ensure your child has his/her correct P.E. kit and no jewellery is worn on this day. A water bottle would be ideal too.

Week 3 Term 5

Another very busy week in Minnows and Sardines. We have continued to enjoy learning about Dinosaurs and loved sharing our Dino Tour with parents at Snuggle Buggle on Friday.

This week we decided to create a display to show the rest of the school our wonderful learning. We mixed mud and paint to create dinosaurs.


and produced amazing writing. Take a look next time your in school at the display in the corridor.


We have started to learn about life cycles. We have been carefully observing the tadpoles and have been researching how best to look after them. The boys decided to write some posters to help protect our little friends.

Some of the children have been working on their critical thinking skills by planning and reviewing their learning. The children transformed the role play area into a construction zone. Look how high these towers are!


We have been busy practicing for Sports Day next week. In order for your child to meet the health and safety requirements necessary to take part please ensure that they have the following:

  • shorts (black)
  • t-shirt (white)
  • plimsols and socks (please check that they still fit)
  • long hair tied back
  • all jewellery removed including earrings
  • bottle of water (named)
  • if it is sunny please provide a sun hat and apply sun screen to your child before school.

Many thanks the Foundation team

Week 2 Term 5

The children discovered a ‘time machine’ when walking through Rye…this caused great excitement.

So much so the children wanted to create their own time machine so we could visit ‘Dino-Land’ whenever we wanted to.

Jessica challenged herself to measure Timothy TRex who has joined our outdoor learning area.

Jullian was interested in measuring his friends…

The children also wanted to measure on a bigger scale and used the metre wheel outside to measure dinosaur footprints and later the playground.

The children have had fun bathing the dinosaurs…

Even Timothy TRex wanted a wash and the children worked together (being extra careful around his big teeth! J)

The children have been learning and writing facts about dinosaurs.  

Minnows and Sardines had the most wonderful time visiting the Kino Cinema in Rye, they were an absolute credit to you. The children watched ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and enjoyed discussing the film and writing about their favourite part of it. Thank you for supporting such a memorable trip.

Have a great bank holiday weekend. :-)

Minnows and Sardines – week 1 Term 5

What a great first week back. The children have really enjoyed catching up with their friends and sharing their news from the Spring holidays. They have been excited about the Easter Egg shop in the role play area too.

We have started exploring a strong interest for lots of our children – DINOSAURS! We are really impressed with how much the children already know. This week we have travelled through time and space in time machines to go on a Dino-tour.

Like all good explorers we ensured we were prepared with binoculars


The children have allowed their imaginations to let their learning take flight… This is Seren’s map…

“through the swamp and then pass the volcano” 

Back in class we have began measuring and comparing the length and height of different dinosaurs.

We are all very excited about our trip to the Kino cinema next week (Wednesday 26th Minnows, Thursday 27th Sardines) please ensure that you have returned your permission slips and money.

Easter news round-up...

Wow what a fantastic and exciting term we have had…

The children were exploring water last week in preparation for recognising ‘National Water Day’ they explored floating and sinking…

Writing with water…

Changing water into ice…


Science experiments…

They put white carnations into different coloured water to see what happened.

They read Noah’s Ark

And finally they were able to discover how lucky we are to have clean drinking water from the tap. When the children began to appreciate not all children are so fortunate they raised £45 to buy a water pump for an African village. We felt incredibly proud of their efforts and empathy. Thank you for all those who supported this worthy cause by donating change into their paddling pool.

The children continue to surprise us with their fantastic phonics; from word building to their fishing for tricky words. Next term we will have a focus on correct letter formation, so any encouragement with this at home would be beneficial.


In maths the children have been using numbers to keep scores…


They have been continuing to think about growing and special grown-ups were treated to a sunflower plant for Mother’s Day.

Plus we had baby challenges; matching the child to their baby photo. This sparked some wonderful discussions about how they have changed.


Finally Easter celebrations have been cracking! Utterly egg-citing! Totally eggs-ellent! :-)

The children parading wearing their Easter bonnets last Friday.


The children have been organising their own egg and spoon races, demonstrating great teamwork and fairness.

Using opportunities to count…

We also explored eggs and how they change when they are raw and after they have been cooked.

We work hard to ensure we use every opportunity to support a varied and stimulating curriculum. The children are also becoming very aware of their next steps in learning and trying to challenge themselves during independent learning.

We hope you have a wonderful break. Happy Easter!

Easter learning..

Many children have expressed an interest in dinosaurs, we have set a piece of home learning for the children to find out 3 facts about dinosaurs and to also write these facts down, we have spoken to the children about this being their own writing and sounding out. Thank you for your support with this. 

Week commencing 20th March

The children in reception have been learning about the water cycle, how we use water and just how lucky we are to have clean water from a tap whenever we need it. To recognise World water day the children also discovered through stories and PowerPoints that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. We discussed what we could do…

The children came up with a plan to raise money to help people have clean water so they do not get poorly by drinking dirty water.

A paddling pool was put out every morning and the children have raised £45 for Wateraid which they will be presenting to a representative from the charity. 

Many thanks for all your donations; the children were very proud and excited to have made a difference to improve the lives of others.

Week commencing 13th March

The children are fascinated by our learning on growing. They have been planting a range of seeds and beans.

Also creating experiments to see if they grow in the dark or without water. The children now appreciate what living things need to grow and take pride in looking after their planting projects.

Also show such joy when things begin to grow and change.

The new role play in Sardines has been a hit, a mini-classroom which includes a golden trophy. They are definitely teachers in the making. :-)

The children are also learning about doubling and sharing. Knowing this means twice as many and how to double amounts and numbers. We have even begun to count in 2’s and 10’s in case you would like to work on this at home.

Week commencing 27th February

So much excitement for Minnows and Sardines with so many babies born or due any day now! To support the children with these changes we have transformed our role play area into a baby clinic. The children have taken great care of the babies, measuring and weighing them, as well as changing their nappies, feeding them and dressing them.


The children have really enjoyed making (and eating) delicious pancakes as part of learning about Shrove Tuesday.

We have been focusing on reading Tricky and High Frequency Words this week. The children have enjoyed playing the ‘magic cup’ game to help practise these skills.

A huge thank you to you all for providing such fabulous costumes for World Book Day. We had so much fun dressing up and talking about our favourite characters.

Week ending 24th February

Wow what an exciting start to term 4!

This week the children arrived back at school raring to go. The children have been swimming for the first time this week. They were truly fantastic, brave, positive and happy to learn. Lee, the swimming teacher at Freedom Leisure deserves real credit for his very encouraging and calm approach. Also Mrs Kimmitt and Mrs Mewburn both remain in the pool for the whole morning, supporting and boosting all the children. The children are very lucky to have such caring staff supporting their learning.

NOTE; The children will not need goggles for their lessons.

World Book Day Thursday 2nd March

Next week swimming is on the same day as World Book Day so please consider this when deciding on a costume and PLEASE label outfits. Thank you.

The Sardines and Minnows have been learning about how to keep healthy. They have been sorting food types, making fruit salads-the children worked well as little teams, sharing the jobs and discussing this fairly. The theme this week is feeling proud and the children certainly make us feel proud.


They have made obstacle courses outside to exercise. We have also focused on the importance of hand washing, teeth brushing, sleeping well and exercising. The children have made posters we will display around the environment to remind each other about healthy choices.

We loved exploring the vegetables to make veggie people and used chalk to make observational drawings of the fruit. 


This has led us onto talking about growing so the children have been doing observational paintings of spring flowers.

Finnian is now a big brother to twin sisters, he talks fondly of how he helps with his new baby sisters.

The children were incredibly proud of themselves when they independently followed instructions to make salt dough.

If anyone has any unwanted underwear, tights, trousers etc your child has grown out of we would be very grateful for them please.

Our newsletter will be explaining that as the children are all now settled we will be politely asking for parents not to come into the classrooms in the mornings, this means all the children will be more independent coming in. Any messages can be put in the blue contact books. Many thanks for supporting us with this next step in growing up and independence.

Week beginning 6th February

We love it when learning continues at home, Eleanor was taken to a Chinese New Year celebration in Hastings, she confidently told all her friends about the fan, lion and dragon dancing she saw.

Maisie made her own Chinese meal at home.

Impressive learning girls!

This was the scene which was a delight to observe on Monday morning in Sardines-all these boys CHOOSING to write during their independent morning activities-WOW! Well done boys.

After enjoying ‘What the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson we have explored ‘What the ladybird heard next…’ the children created their own ‘Snerd’ creatures using their imagination entirely. We also set up a farmer’s market in the classrooms, as this linked with the farm and money. Craig and Eileen wrote shopping lists.


and Maisy was the shop keeper taking the money.

Henry was checking how much he needed using the money cards.

Then we did it for real, visiting Jempsons (the planned farmer’s market visit is postponed as it was closed) the children all walked to Jempsons to choose party food for our ‘phonic’s party’ on Friday, we want to celebrate learning all phase 2 and 3 phonemes and digraphs. Next term we will be using and applying this learning.


The children used their learning about money to pay for their food.



Week commencing 30th January 2017

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year.

The traditional tale of the Zodiac signs has helped the children explore ordinal numbers and a fabulous song has taught the children about many of the customs of New Year celebrations in Chinese culture.

We have enjoyed some delicious Chinese food.


Created our own food collages

Practised writing our names in Mandarin

As part of our preparations for our own parade on Friday we made lanterns, percussion instruments...


...and our very own dragons!


The children have also learnt a song about the Chinese New Year to present to parents on Friday too.

More photos to follow of our parade with Pugwash nursery children…


Week Commencing 23rd January 2017

Last week the children shared their future goals, so this week we have set up a vets and an ice-cream shop so that the children can trial some of their chosen jobs.

A few children wanted to be a vet so that’s what our home corner has become…

Two children liked the idea of selling ice creams…


The children have been making sure speed limits are followed outside by reading and using our signs…


The children have learnt the meaning of perseverance during circle times. They are working hard to keep going and not to give up.

In maths we have been working on ordering numbers and what one more/one less than a given number is…

Eileen used the washing line to order the numbers .

Sole used Numicon to help explore number.

The boys loved working together on this Finger Gym challenge. Finger Gym helps our writing!

Jacob challenged himself to read and write high frequency words. Look how neat his writing is!

Minnows and Sardines are great at collaborative learning. Here the children are playing ‘Mr Bear Lives in a Cave…’ and listening and attention game.

In class this week we have enjoyed reading What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. To extend our understanding of the directional and positional language we used the Beebots in the story setting.

Thank you to the parents who came to Snuggle Buggle the children loved sharing their learning with you. We hope you saw that through a growth mind-set the children are really comfortable in challenging themselves and reflecting on their learning. Look at just some of the lovely parent comments!

Thank you!! We really do value our parent partnership.


Week commencing 16th January 2017

Thank you to all the parents that came to our very first Snuugle Buggle  last week.  Here is Jacob with his Daddy and Rocco with his Mummy.

Here is Cayden enjoying a story at Snuggle Buggle with his mummy and his little brother.

Maisy had a special time with her Nan and Grandad reading stories.

Lola loved her mummy reading ‘The Gruffalo’.

This week in Minnows and Sardines we have been setting ourselves goals to work towards as well as talking about what we would like to be when we grow up.

Fynn would like to be a chef, Kiril a helicopter pilot, Charlotte a jockey, Leo a police officer, Louis a teacher, Sole a fisherman, Honey an Olympic gymnast and David an astronaut. There were also lots of builders and ballerinas as well as a dog and a teenage mutant ninja turtle!

We have been scientist this week exploring all things ice! We even made ice paintings using salt.


We have all been busy using our imaginations and story stones to create our wonderful stories.

The children were very intrigued when an enormous suitcase arrived in class… and were delighted when they discovered a new train set, a donation very gratefully received!

Lily made an ‘ice-cream’ and noticed a wing shape; she called it her ‘bat ice-cream’.

Eileen has been teaching her Sardine friends our new digraphs.

Father Christmas Cayden and Elf Archie worked together to fill in the calendar to make sure all the children received their Christmas presents.


Week commencing 9th January 2017

Minnows and Sardines have really embraced ‘Talk for Writing’ and this week we have innovated/transformed the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to create their own class stories. Minnows created ‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt’


Sardines created ‘We’re Going on a Wolf Hunt’.

The children have been preparing to perform their amazing learning in their first ever sharing assembly.

The children are still enjoying exploring shape in the environment looking for 2D and 3D shapes, they found lots of shapes on their 3D shape hunt.


The children are doing a fab job at learning their new Phase 3 phonics. Reading and writing digraphs! WOW! J The children were even finding digraphs on their banana skins, so learning carries on throughout the day, not just during phonic lessons.


We will show you this wonderful learning at next week’s Snuggle Buggle (Friday 20th January).

We are becoming fantistic independent learners. Look at the subtraction number sentences that Summer used the computer to record. 


Week commencing 3rd January 2017

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

The children have arrived back raring to go and excited to learn…

This week they have been using their phonic learning to write sentences about their Christmas news, we have been encouraging them to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. What clever children you have!

We have been introducing digraphs to your children too. Ask your child what a digraph is, you will have a wonderful surprise… (a digraph is two letters which makes one sound.) This week we have focused on qu, ch and sh. Next week will be th, ng, and ai.

The children have been retelling ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ which has been great. We will look forward to sharing this with you next week during our first sharing assembly


Also our first ‘Snuggle Buggle will be on Friday 13th January at 2.30pm. 

The children have been focusing on 2D shapes this week; they took magnifying glasses and went on a shape hunt around the school. The children have been using mathematical language to describe and compare shapes, such as curved, corners, sides, flat…



Next week it will 3D shapes…

We hope you like our decorated net on the outdoor wall, thank you again to Helen Mucci and Mr Playford for putting this up and Jane Copland’s husband for donating the fishing net. If you happen to visit the beach and find anything interesting we can attach to the net we would be grateful, or if you had any items that might help make our net shine and sparkle we would be very excited. Thank you.

We would also like to welcome Miss Isted back from her maternity leave. Miss Isted is the Early Year’s lead and starts back on Monday 9th January and will be also be teaching in Minnows every Thursday and Friday. Miss Lee will continue to teach on Mondays-Wednesdays.

Week commencing 12th December 2016

Happy Christmas to you...

Thank you or supporting our Christmas Sing-a-long and for all your very positive feeback. The children also enjoyed singing the ‘Christmas Dinner’ song to our wonderful kitchen staff to say thank you for all their delicious meals. 

Thank you for supporting ‘Save the Children’ on Tuesday, the children looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers. 


We had a brilliant Christmas party and had a surprise visit from Father Christmas; the magic this created was priceless. We thank the PTA for supporting this very special visit.


Next week’s panto.

We will be providing your children with a small snack for this exciting trip. We would also ask for your child to have a drink of water in a bottle which can be disposed of. Also we will be asking for the children not to bring anything in that day, such as book bags as we will not be returning into the classroom to collect any items. 

With thanks for your continued support and involvement. We will look forward to next year which will include ‘snuggle buggle’ every Friday at 2.30pm.

Date for your diary

We will also have our first ‘sharing assembly’ on Friday 13th January at 9am. 


Week commencing 5th December 2016

Christmas is definitely coming…


The children have been writing for different purposes, such as Christmas lists, letters to Father Christmas, gift tags and Christmas cards. We have posted our letters and will hope to get a reply. An Elf post-box also appeared in the classroom, so this week has been very magical.

The children have had Santa’s workshops in their classrooms, they have been busy making, wrapping and delivering toys. We are noticing boys are as keen to write as girls which is just fantastic.

The children have been making Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, creating patterns.

Also using collage materials to make reindeers.


The children have also been interested in the changes in the season so we have explored winter and what we

wear and see. We made a list of wintery words and ideas.

The children also designed their own winter themed collages.

Christmas Dates For Your Diary


Please find listed details of upcoming events, more details will follow of individual events.

All of this information can also be found here: http://ryeprimary.co.uk/calendar

Tuesday 13th December

Christmas Jumper Day – donations for ‘Save the Children’ please

Wednesday 14th December

Christmas Dinner Day

Thursday 15th December

Mufti Day for PTA – tombola donations please (chocolate, bottle or jar)

Pugwash and Reception Class Christmas Performance – 9am in School Hall

KS1 Christmas Performance - 6pm in School Hall

Friday 16th December

KS1 Christmas performance - 9am in School Hall

Christmas Fair 2.00-4.00pm in School

Monday 19th December

KS2 Christmas performance, arrive to church at 5.45pm for 6.00pm start

Tuesday 20th December

Pantomime at the White Rock

As previous years collection point will be in station car park between 5pm and 6pm

Wednesday 21st December

Inset day- School closed to children

Tuesday 3rd January

Return to school

Pugwash closed to children


Week commencing 28th November 2016

A busy and incredible week again!

We have been making up our own new characters and stories based on the story map of The Little Red Hen.

Making paper chain snakes from our new class story. (Great for fine motor skills.)The Little White Guinea Pig.

Creating homes for our pets and animals using junk modelling resources.

Practising our numbers up to 20 and putting them in order.

Practising our sounds on the lightbox

The home learning activity will also help your child recognise their numbers; we have given them an advent calendar to colour each day. Please can you help your child recognise their numbers? Please can you ask them which number comes before and after given numbers, as this will really support one more and one less than a number. Also counting-forwards and backwards!

Christmas Sing-a-long Thursday 15th December at 9am

Any problems with black leggings or tops please let us know.

Thank you very much.

Week commencing 21st November 2016

The Minnows and Sardines have been impressing the perspective new parents this week. We have had fantastic feedback about how happy your children are in their learning (it is so obvious and delightful to see).

In maths we have been learning about capacity and their vocabulary is growing by the day.

Children ae choosing to read during their independent learning- WOW!! Thank you for encouraging them at home to be ‘Greedy Readers’.

The Little Red Hen…


The training we received on our INSET day based on the ‘Primary Writing Project’ is being used successfully with the children. We focused this week on ‘The Little Red Hen,’ exploring the characters in detail. Both classes created story maps (see photo) we have used them to act out the story using actions. This has been brilliant and helps the children recall the story and use language more effectively; this in turn will support story writing.

The children also created their own journey, like you would find in a story map, in P.E. They linked movements based on animals. Mr Sayer was impressed by their teamwork.

The first batch of bread dough we used for ‘dough disco’ the children loved it. This again will support fine motor skills used for successful writing.


You’ll be pleased to hear a second (hygienic) batch was made for us all to enjoy and because the children worked as a team we shared and enjoyed the warm bread (unlike the ending of ‘The Little Red Hen!’)


Week commencing 14th November 2016

See 'News' section of the website for more information on our 'Teamwork' Fun!

The children have been exploring measuring using balances…

And investigating feeling the weight of objects too and comparing…

The children have also ordered according to size…

Finn wanted to measure the gingerbread men cutters too.


The classes have enjoyed gingerbread playdough and acting out the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ The children didn’t like the sad ending so they made up their own endings, including the gingerbread man finding a boat, building a bridge, finding a space rocket; super imaginations. 

Week commencing 7th November 2016

This week we have been exploring the Hindu festival, Diwali. It’s been incredible how the children have remembered new vocabulary such as ‘mendhi’ ‘rangoli’ and ‘symmetrical’.  

They painted ‘mendhi patterns’ on each other’s hands…


And on their own hands…


Made Diwali greeting’s cards…

They have made rangoli patterns and understood they were symmetrical.

The children have also been creating their own repeating patterns…


We have been learning the story of Rama and Sita too (which you can listen to on CBeebies-Let’s Celebrate.)

The children have reacted extremely sensitively to ‘Remembrance Day’ they took part in a two minute silence, wearing the poppies they had made as well as sharing the poppy wreaths too. 




Week commencing 31st October

The start of our second term has been fantastic, all the children were excited to be back and have been enjoying lots of new learning.

Flo brought in a pumpkin, so the children had a brilliant time scooping out the pumpkin; some were more impressed than others by the gooey centre. 


We carved a happy face, just like Flo’s.

We have also been learning about bonfire night celebrations, this included listening to the history of the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ as well as understanding how to keep safe near fireworks, but especially sparklers-ask your child they will be able to tell you too.


They were very lucky to have a firefighter, Michael Warner, visit them to talk about ways to stay safe. Michael also told the children about the different jobs the fire service do. The children listened well and even asked some wonderful questions.


All the children were given the chance to try on some uniforms. The visit was a great opportunity for the children to learn about the fire service. Also it reinforced ways we can keep safe, for lifelong and valuable learning.

They also created their own firework collages and some made their own sparklers.

We also had our first P.E. lesson with Mr Sayer. The children impressed us with their first change into their P.E. kits, even with some helping each other, Maisy Bull was helping some of her Sardine friends tie their ties too!

First P.E. lesson involved a warm up of moving in different ways…

And playing ‘cat and mouse’ with the parachute.

Phonic lessons are up and running, our sounds this week have been s, a, t, p. Please encourage your child to write these sounds using the correct formation at home, thank you.

Week commencing 17th October

What a fun-filled final week…

Acting out ‘The Enormous Turnip’…

The fun and joy of learning is obvious to see. 

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff is still a hit. 

The children also listened to ‘Stone Soup’ and the children decided they would love to make their own vegetable soup. The skills and language developed during the making of the soup was wonderful to witness and listen to.

Great teamwork. Mitchellin star here we come.


Using brilliant skills to cut the vegetables.


Both Minnows and Sardines were fantastic chefs and the soup was yummy, the children took some soup to            Mrs Howard who agreed it was delicious!

This is Eleanor’s playground appeal to anyone who may have seen her ‘jellycat’ grey beloved bunny. Lost in Hastings. I hope we find it over half term.

Our first fantastic term comes to an end. We can’t wait to see what term 2 brings. The children have been a credit to you all. We feel extremely proud of the super start they have made. We would like to thank you all for your continued support. Happy Half Term to you all. (Please continue to read at home and work on your child’s next steps if you can.) With thanks and appreciation.

Week Commencing 10th October...

What an exciting week we have had in Minnows and Sardines…

Ella and Lola found our website at Rye Primary on the class computer and enjoyed looking at our news; we hope you are enjoying it too.

Daniel made a telescope using junk modelling.

Faith enjoyed playing in the ‘doctor’s surgery’, taking on the role of a doctor.


Tilly, David and Faith re-told the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Matilda retold ‘The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff.’ All the children have had fun exploring the tales and acting them out too.

The children have also been setting themselves their own challenges


Cayden learnt to do his own zip up.          Archie also didn’t give up on his tricky challenge. 


Some exciting new arrivals…

Elizabeth was the first to spot Sardine’s new arrival-a jellyfish! Wow!

The Sardine’s also had a democratic vote to choose a name for Mrs Baker’s new arrival; the overwhelming winner is ‘Wilson.’

So welcome Wilson.

We look forward to next week’s parents’ meetings to share with you how your child has settled and how wonderful they are at Rye Primary. 


Week Commencing 3rd October 2016...

Minnows and Sardines have had a magical week exploring the beauty of autumn days…

Maisie was so excited when she found a living, teeny, tiny snail. Matilda was deciding what to photograph.

The joys of throwing leaves and watching them blow in the wind. 

Exploring the great outdoors at Rye Primary.

Look at all the colourful leaves we found...



Julian sorted the apples and pears, Ella also made a poem up, ‘apples and pears, down the stairs.’ 

Detailed and amazing artwork outside.


Week Commencing 26th September...

Some exciting news this week, Elizabeth is now the proud big sister of Edward. Congratulations to the whole family.

Our first ever WOW went to Florence who was caring and kind looking after her friends at lunch time. Well done Flo.

Some amazing independent collages. (Eileen has learnt fast that teachers often like to keep great work and said “Actually I’d like to take that picture home.” So a photo captured the great work instead.)

Some of our Summer Greedy Readers.

Please read with your child EVERY night and write in the books, we want the children to win certificates and prizes.

Working on our balancing and cooperation.

Great teamwork.

Busy busy in the café…

The imagination has no limits…

The phonic workshop is Monday 17th October at 2.30pm This is designed to explain how we teach the skills for reading and writing through phonics. Please come along, you will make the biggest impact on your child’s reading and progress.

As the children have settled so well we would like to build on their independence so from Monday 3rd October the reception children will come through the main entrance and leave as normal from the back of the classrooms. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Please remember your autumn collections for next week. Thank you


Our first week.....

The reception children had a great and positive first week at Rye Primary. All the children arrived happily and settled into their classrooms with confidence and surprising ease. The hard work with the transition in the summer term, alongside valuable home visits have definitely supported the children. The Minnows and Sardines had fun doing foot printing, with lots of giggles and laughter. The footprints are for their ‘next steps in learning’ board.


Then the children had great fun painting Mrs Kimmitt’s feet…

And leg…

The Sardines and Minnows are really benefitting from our family service at lunch times, the adult support at each table is extremely valuable, so thank you to all the adults involved in making lunch times a calmer, positive and happy place to be.

The children have been going into assembly each day and receiving high praise for their listening and attention.

Thank you to all the reception parents for making sure all the children are all dressed smartly and on time for school. We received no lates all week so thank you, this really makes the start of the day run smoothly.

More news next week.


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