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We are a Year 1 Class.


Our Teacher is Ms Suttie and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Emson and Mrs Terry.

Seahorses News

23rd January 2017

The fire brigade visited Seahorses and Clownfish today.

The children were fascinated with how various equipment works.

They impressed the fire fighters with sensible questions and answers.

They were lucky enough to spend some time inside the truck with flashing lights and sirens!


The Year One Seahorse and Clownfish classes were surprised to discover their classrooms had been messed up by an unknown weekend visitor.

After much investigation and discussion the children came to the conclusion that a dragon must have trampled through our classrooms.

Some thought it was a baby dragon which hadn’t yet grown into its large paws as there was no sign of fire damage.…and everyone knows that baby dragons are the only ones which haven’t learned how to breathe fire!  Others thought that the dragon was curious about maths, and one child even suggested that it had to have been a troublesome teenage dragon !

A lot of imaginative writing evolved from this visit.



Friday 25th November 2016

Seahorses had a fantastic Knight and Princess dress up day!

Ms Suttie was especially pleased to be addressed as 'Her Majesty' for the day.

The children were inspired to write instructions on how to build a castle and used shoe boxes to make their designs. Learning is fun!


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