T6 Swimming Sea Turtles

 T6 Swimming Lobsters

Term 5 2016-2017

 World Day
 Holiday Club Letter
 Pugwash Dinners

 Netball Club

 Pugwash Rare Breeds

 Wakehurst Place Y5

 T5 Movers n Groovers

 T5 Art Club
 T5 KS1 Multi-Skills
 T5 KS1 Football Club
 T5 KS2 Football Club
 T5 KS2 Athletics Club
 T5 Clownfish Swimming
 T5 Seahorses Swimming
Term 5 2016-2017
 Easter Fair
 Y5 Nurse Visit
 Port Lympne Trip Y1
 Animal Extravaganza

 FlatCashEd Letter

 Rare BreedsTrip 
 Killer Whales Kino Trip
 Stingrays Kino Trip
 Pugwash- Pyjama Drama

 Swimming Sardines

 Swimming Minnows
 SATs Workshop
 Election of Parent Govenors
 E-Safety Workshop

 World Book Day

 Victorian Day
 Jerwood Gallery Trip
 Y3 Art Club
 STEAM project

 February Half Term Holiday Club 

 Term 4 Football Club KS2
 Term 4 Football Club KS1 and Reception.
Term 4 Gymnastics Club KS1 and Reception
 Term 4 Archery Club KS2
Term 4 2016-2017

 Barracudas Kino Trip

 Cuttlefish  Kino Trip

 Menu Change

 Barracudas Swimming T3

 Cuttlefish Swimming T3
 Fun With Numbers
 Feel Good Friday
 Movers N Groovers

Term 3 2016-2017

 Christmas Fair Arrangements

 Football KS2 After School Club
 Badminton KS2 After School Club

 School Photos

 KS2 Christmas Dinner

 KS1 Christmas Dinner


 Chartwell Survey

 Netball Club T2

 Jellyfish Swimming T2

 Killer Whales Swimming T2

 Stingrays Swimming T2

 Menu KS2 Autumn/Winter

 Fitness Friday

 Art Club T2

 Indoor Athletics T2

 Multi-Skills T2

 Archery T2

 Football T2

 Crafty English Course

 Parent Consultation -Jellyfish

 Parent Consultations

 October Half Term- Holiday Club

 Y5 Chess Club


 Y6 Residential Trip

 Pantomime 2016

 Creative Christmas Course

 Phonics Workshop- Reception

 Y1 Captain Jack Visit

 Y5 trip to Camber and Pett Level

 PTA Class Rep letter

 Y6 Imperial War Museum trip

 Parent Workshops

 Y5 Rye Harbour Trip

 Y3 Battle Abbey 

 Netball Club Term 1

 Camber Castle Ditch Dipping Trip

 Moovers and Groovers T1

 KS1 & KS2 Archery

 KS2 Badminton

 KS1 Football

 KS2 Football

 Communication letter

 Tucasi User Guide Letter

 Emergency School Closure Information Letter

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