During these unusual times our teachers are thinking of new ways to connect with their classes, this is increasingly involving new technology! Please understand that our teachers are working hard to regularly set work for children online and to virtually monitor and possibly interact with the children. This may look slightly different for each class at the moment, as each teacher is navigating their own journey with this new technology. Therefore, we ask that you continue to be supportive during these unprecedented times and not necessarily expect instant replies to queries and understand that sometimes feedback may just be a "like or a smiley face"! If we all work together we will come through this stronger and with an increased sense of community! Happy learning!

Welcome to the Year 5/6 Jellyfish Class page! 

The class teacher is Mr Thomas and our teaching assistant is Mrs Beeching.

Dear Parents and Carers,  

Firstly, a big well done to Jellyfish for starting the new school year off so well. It has been a challenging few months so it has been lovely to get back to some normality together.

When self-isolating, or in case of school closure or any absence, I will post work on this page for your child to complete. Every child has received a green home learning exercise book in which they can complete the activities. They have also received login details for Class Dojo, Purple Mash and TT Rockstars, too.

This page will be updated with activities, news and resources for you regularly.

We hope this is useful for you all.  

Thank you for your support, 

Mr Thomas

Useful Websites:  

Purple Mash - Please use this to communicate with us, as well as exploring the brilliant games and online activities. Usernames and passwords have been sent home.

Class Dojo - This is the second way in which we will be able to communicate and share learning together using Class Portfolios and the Class Story. Usernames and passwords have been sent home.

Topmarks - Contains lots of fun, educational games. 'Hit the Button' is great for times table practice. 

Twinkl - It has lots of free resources and activities for each subject. Use the code UKTWINKLHELPS for a free one month membership.

Times Table Rockstars - Keep practicing your times tables and competing. Make sure you check for any upcoming battles!

CBBC Newsround - We watch this to keep us updated with child-friendly news.

Oxford Owl - Reading books online and other reading based tasks. 

Read Theory - Great for comprehension activities based on your child's reading ability. 

Open Library - A website for you to borrow books. Please sign up (for free) if you wish. 


Maths Parent Work Books.

Please choose the appropriate year group for your child.

Year 1 parent work books
Block 3 Shape
Block 2 Fractions
Block 5 Money
Block 6 Time
Year 2 parent work books
Block 1 Place Value
Block 3 Money
Block 1 Division
Block 2 Statistics
Block 4 Fractions
Block 2 Time
Block 3 Measurement
Year 3 parent work books
Block 1 Place Value
Block 2 Money
Block 3 Statistics
Block 5 Fractions
Block 1 Fractions
Block 2 Time
Block 4 Measurement
Year 4 parent work books
Block 1 Place Value
Block 3 Area
Block 4 Fractions
Block 5 Decimals
Block 1 Decimals
Block 2 Money
Block 3 Time
Block 4 Statistics
Year 5 parent work books
Block 1 Place Value
Block 3 Statistics
Block 2 Fractions
Block 3 Fractions
Block 1 Decimals
Block 5 Volume
Year 6 parent work books
Block 1 Place Value
Block 4 Fractions
Block 5 Fractions
Block 1 Decimals
Block 2 Percentages
Block 3 Algebra
Block 6 Ratio
Block 2 Statistics

Week Beginning 23.11.20

Maths - Monday

Maths Tuesday

Maths Wednesday

Maths Thursday

Maths Friday

Adventure Story Plan

Story Planning Sheet (for adventure story)

Electrical Circuits Powerpoint

Electrical Circuits Activity Sheet

Electrical Circuits Activity Sheet - Answers

Reading Comprehension 1

Reading Comprehension 2

Victorian Inventions Activity Sheet

Online Safety

The National Online Safety website provides, among others, guides with tips for parents to help keep children safe online. We have posted a few of those guides below for your information. Please visit https://nationalonlinesafety.com/hub/guide for more. 

Online Safety
Safe Online Remote Education
Social Media
Among Us


Week Beginning 16.11


Monday & Tuesday: Divide 3 digits by 1 digit, Divide 4 digits by 1 digit, Extension






Monday Powerpoint and writing task





BookTalk If you don't have the book at home, use similar questions for a book you are reading.

Grammar Spelling, Grammar

Other Subjects


Topic Factfile Plan



English W.B. 09.11.20

Day 1 and 2 - Experience PowerPoint

Day 3 - Experience PowerPoint (part 2)

Sentence Starters


Monday - Spelling input (plural words)

Tuesday and Wednesday - Conjunctions for cohesion PowerPoint

Conjunction activity 1 and activity 2

Book Talk

Book Talk PowerPoint (for the week)

Extract for Book Talk


Introduction to Multiplication


Victorian lesson PowerPoint (Trade Links)

World Map 


English W.B. 02.11.20

Day 1 and 2 - Powerpoint

Example Diary Entry

Street Child Diary Map

Day 3 - Victorian Experience Lesson

Victorian Toys - Jack in the Box

Victorian Toys - Bird in a cage

Victorian Toys - Paper boat


Spelling Activity

Conjunctions for cohesion

Book Talk

Book Talk Powerpoint and Extract


Math's - Day 1 Powerpoint

Math's Day 1 - Year 5

Math's Day 1 - Year 6

Math's Day 2 - Powerpoint

Math's Day 2 - Year 5 and 6 Questions


Victorian Lesson 1 - Powerpoint

Victorian timeline events to sort and stick


Computing - Powerpoint

Computing Activity Sheet

Computing - Answers

English (W.B. 28/09/2020)

Plot points 5 and 6 and sentence scaffold (if required)

GPS (W.B. 28/09/2020)

Spelling activity (Etymology- research the origin meaning for each word)

Active and passive voice activity

Passive and active voice information poster

Book Talk Reading (28/09/2020)

Book Talk and Extract

Maths (28/09/2020)

Lesson 1  Rounding to 10, 100, and 1000 PowerPoint and activities 1 and activity 2

Lesson 2  PowerPoint  year 5 activity year 6 activity

Science (28/09/2020)


Topic - History (28/09/2020)

Titanic Powerpoint and activity (choose at least one sheet to complete)



English (W.B. 21/09/2020)

We are continuing to read ‘Deadman’s Cove’ by Lauren St. John. Our reading activities are based on this text.

Book Talk PowerPoint and Extract

GPS – Activity slides

GPS – Activity for Tuesday

Spelling – ‘ibly’ and ‘ably’ task


Maths (W.B. 21/09/2020

We are comparing and ordering numbers up to 1,000,000. Please keep continuing to logon to TT Rockstars to practise your times tables!

Maths – PowerPoint for beginning of the week + activity

Maths – PowerPoint for the end of the week + activity


RE and PSHE (W.B. 21/09/2020

RE – 5 Pillars of Islam PowerPoint + activity

RE – Supporting cards

PSHE – Understanding Behaviour


  We are reading ‘Deadman’s Cove’ by Lauren St. John. This is an exciting mystery story, set in picturesque Cornwall, and       follows the story of a young orphaned girl, Laura.

 Book Talk lesson 1 PowerPoint (feeling) & activity grid

 GPS – Activity Mats (x3)

GPS – Treasure Hunt Grammar

Handwriting – Common Exception Word activity


Our focus has been Number and Place Value. Activities can be found on the PowerPoint’s below. Please also make sure you are going onto Times Table Rockstars and practising your tables.

Maths PowerPoint – Day 1 & 2 (value of digits)

Maths PowerPoint – Day 3

Word Mats: Use these to help you with your story writing.

Tension and Suspense Mat

Fronted Adverbial Mat

Adjective Mat

Expanded Noun Phrase Mat

(Paper-less) Home Learning Activities:

- Share a verbal book or film review about either something you have read or watched recently. 

- Bake a cake with an adult and record your recipe. 

- Design a superhero and create a comic strip with you as the character. 

- Work out the perimeter of different rooms in your house! (Remember: measure the 'sides' and add them all together.)

- Read newspaper articles.

- Meditate and take time to practice yoga (by searching for Cosmic Kids/Go Noodle Breathing on youtube). 

- Help with the cooking or gardening if you have access to one.

- Make up your own 'sport'. Share the instructions with us on purple mash or class dojo!


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