Welcome to Barracudas Class.

We are a Year 3 Class.


Our Teacher is Miss Suttie.

Barracudas News


Term 4 - This term our topic is 'Predator!'

It's time to take a walk on the wild side! We are going to find out who's coming to visit... is it a bug-munching lizard or an eagle-eyed bird or prey? Whatever it is, we think we can handle it! We are going to learn about creepy crocodiles and amazing alligators. We will be inspired to write an informative leaflet about our favourite predator and compose a poem about a predator or its prey!



Term 3 - Our topic this term is "Heroes and Villains". 

We have had an exciting start to the term, drawing inspiration from "101 Dalmations" particularly Cruella De Vil, and the children's favourite superheroes.

In Science we had our first attempt at designing our own experiment, making sure that it was a fair test.


Term 2 - This term our topic is ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’.

We began the term with a biscuit tasting exercise… It was definitely our favourite lesson so far!

The children were also fascinated to learn about James Lind, who helped find the cure for scurvy.

We had a very relaxing still-life Art lesson, where the children had to use their powers of observation to draw a medley of fruit.


Term 1 - Last term our topic was ‘Knights and Dragons’.

We created our own Bayeux Tapestry after learning about The Battle of Hastings. The methods we used were pencil drawing, painting, and tea-staining.

We re-enacted the battle before turning into reporters and writing newspaper reports for ‘The Hastings Herald’.

Dress up day was definitely the highlight of the term and everybody embraced the theme!

The Science topic was ‘Rocks and Soils’. To help us learn about the characteristics of different rocks and the properties of soil, we carried out many exciting and engaging experiments.

In Maths we have been using various manipulatives such as dienes, numicon and counters. These have supported our learning and offered opportunities for children to extend their learning.


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