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We are a Year 6 Class.


Our Teacher is Mr Gurr and our Teaching Assistants is Mrs Crouch.

Term 2 2018 – 2109, November - December

Our planning this term will focus on World War One, with links to the importance of poppies and the reasons why so many countries entered the war that took place over 100 years ago. We will be working using a text called ‘Private Peaceful’, that is heavily based on the war, to engage the children with this topic. We will endeavor to update this page with some of our work to show off exceptional learning this term.


In Mathematics, our children have already been working on developing their skills of division and for the next few weeks will be focusing on perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes (rectangular shapes) as well as compound shapes (shapes that are made up of more than one shape). We will then develop the children’s knowledge with perimeter and area of other shapes, such as triangles and parallelograms, and then work on how to identify and solve problems involving the volume of shapes.


Your children may have already spoken to you about a new way of learning writing techniques and we are excited for the children to produce amazing writing as they did last term. Our literacy learning will be based on writing scary stories, explanation texts and persuasive writing that the children will hopefully enjoy, all based around the topic of World War One.


In regard to Reading lessons, the children will be reading a range of genres from narrative to persuasive texts to help immerse them in the genres we are writing. Through these genres, the children will answer a range of comprehension, inference and reasoning questions which will help prepare them to answer increasingly difficult questions.

This term the recently established Buster’s Book Challenge is continuing, with the rewards ranging from certificates and badges to tickets to Drusillas zoo for the children to visit free or at a discounted rate. We hope that this term one of our classes will once again win the amazing prize of the Buster’s Book Trophy and win the tickets to Drusillas as Dolphins did last term.


In regard to the children’s topic learning, most of the information can be found on our newsletter, however if this was unavailable in any way we are basing our learning this term on the topic of World War One. In particular, we will learn the importance of poppies to symbolize the deaths of animals and people who gave their lives to protect and serve our country.

The children’s homework project this term is also based on World War One, where we would like the children to make a trench from the war and include a range of equipment that the soldiers would have had at this time. We look forward to their creative projects and showing you them the next time you visit the school.



Term 1 2018 – 2109

September - October 2018

We are very proud of how well our children have settled in this term and Ms Martin has commented in whole school assemblies on the impeccable example our Year 6’s are all demonstrating for the rest of the school, so well done everyone!

Our planning this term has focused on Shipwrecks, with links to the Mary Stanford and the disaster that took place over 90 years ago. We used a text by Micheal Morpurgo ‘The Wreck of Zanzibar’ to engage the children with this topic and some of our work will be uploaded soon to show off how excellent the children really have been this term.

In Mathematics, our children have been focusing on a wide range of mathematical concepts.  These include: place value, sequencing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factors, prime numbers and decimals.  The children have worked extremely hard and challenged and pushed themselves every lesson and they should be very proud of their outlook towards their learning.

Our literacy learning this term was based on adventure stories, newspaper reports and diary entries that the children absolutely smashed! The level of writing they created for us was absolutely exceptional and we could not be prouder of their achievements in their writing this term. Again, keep it up!

In regard to Reading lessons, the children have been exploring a range of texts that involved stories, newspapers and diaries, to help immerse them in the genres we were writing. Their comprehension, inference and understanding of a range of texts has increased rapidly in the short time they have been with us in Year 6 and we believe this is in no small part due to the excellent engagement we have had from the children and their parents with the Greedy Readers at the beginning of the year; as well as the outstanding efforts we have seen with the new Buster’s Book Challenges.

On behalf of all the Teachers and TAs in Year 6, we are extremely proud that both classes have won the whole school award in the first two weeks for Buster’s Books and once again this proves that we are setting a high standard for the rest of the school to follow academically as well as morally. Well done everyone!





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