Welcome to Marlin Class.

We are a Year 5 Class.


Our Teacher is Mr MacNicol and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs McDonald

Year 5 were set the challenge of making land yachts for their termly homework project.  Here are some of their results.  The children were very creative with the materials they used.  On a windy-ish Thursday, they then tested them on the playground.  You should have seen them go!



Year 5 enjoyed another day at the beach this week when they visited Camber Sands.  We were fortunate to have dry weather once again.  The children learnt about the sand dunes as a sea defence and how they are managed so that the sand remains in place.  They also looked at economic activities available to tourists and how they benefit the local people.  After looking at the different species of plants on the dunes, the children enjoyed the opportunity to create sand sculptures.


Our 'Coast' Learning Journey continued on Thursday, with a wonderful trip to Pett Level beach - studying the Sea Defences that protect our precious coastline and learning about 'Long Shore Drift'. Marlin and Jellyfish investigated the impact of the sea on our shores by measuring the erosion of pebbles and taking time to sketch various parts of the beach.

The children, as always, represented the school wonderfully and the day was made even better by the perfect weather!



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