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We are a Year 1 Class.


Our Teacher is Miss Birkby and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Barrow and Mrs Huggett

Term 5 The Enchanted Woodland

Welcome back Everyone!

I hope you all had a restful Easter holiday.This week we have started thinking about our new topic 'The Enchanted Woodland.' We shared our ideas about what we know about woods and what we would like to find out. We have thought about woodland animals and flowers, plants and trees. We visited the willow shelter and shared a woodland based story. It would be really useful at home if you could start looking at different types of flowers and learning their names and also different trees and what their leaves look like. We will shortly be making woodland based homes for mythical creatures, so any natural materials, such as: twigs, stones or moss, that you could bring in would be really useful. We will also need shoeboxes to put the objects inside so any donations would be gratefully received.



Seahorses News

Seahorses and Clownfish arrived at school to find their classrooms in a mess!

The desks were knocked over with footprints leading through the destruction.

When the children investigated they found a large egg laid in ripped up paper.

After much discussion and reasoning the Year Ones came to the conclusion that a dragon had entered the school and laid its eggs.

The children cared for the eggs, keeping them safe and warm.

They must have done a good job as over the next few days the eggs had vanished but small sticky footprints were found leading from where the eggs had been...

a baby dragon had been born!

Unfortunately the baby dragon must have escaped to find its Mummy.

How we wished we could have seen a real baby dragon!



Updated details for Christmas Nativity:


  • Thursday 14th December 6.00 pm
  • Friday 15th December 9.00 am

Clownfish will be dressed as stars and Seahorses as angels.

If you can provide a costume for your child please lets us know as soon as possible. Thank you to the parents who have already replied. We have some spares at school but need to make sure that every child will have an outfit well in advance of our rehearsals.

When costumes are sent in to school please put them in a clearly named bag.

We would also be very grateful to know if your child will attend the evening show so that we can prepare the children for any changes that may occur due to absences. It unsettles some children when their peers are not where they expect them to be.

Many thanks

Ms Suttie and Miss Brewster

Week commencing 30th October

Fireworks in a jar experiment

This week in science, the year 1 children have been observing what happens when they add food colouring and oil to warm water. The children discovered that the food colouring slowly sank out of the oil and into the water. When this happened, the food colouring expanded and began to mix with the other colours.


Week commencing 16th October

This week we have been having a lot of fun in Maths.

We have measured length and height, identified 3D shapes and counted in two’s, five’s and ten’s.




Week commencing 9th October 

The year 1 children were very brave to try ginger tea for the first time. They have learnt some interesting facts, and uses of ginger.


28th September 2017

This week Clownfish and Seahorses have been carrying out science investigations; using their senses of smell and taste.


Eleanor brought in an enormous carrot grown by her granddad. The children were eager to measure how long and how heavy the carrot was.


18th September 2017

Year One’s have been keeping healthy and focused by doing yoga for short learning breaks.

We are using cosmickids.com. The children love the stories which help them follow the yoga routine.


For Science and DT lessons, children have written instructions on how to make a Gingerbread Man

and have followed these to bake their own…Yum!



Week commencing 11th September...

Clownfish and Seahorses have had a fun start to the year!

The children should be very proud of the transition they have made despite having to learn so many new routines.

They have been good team members and learning buddies, supporting each other in Maths and Science activities.


Thank you for bringing in your PE kits. PE will be on a Wednesday morning.


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