We were very pleased to welcome Elise Lovell, a British Heptathlete, to our assembly this morning to launch our Aspirations Week.

Elise explained that she was a pupil at Freda Gardham School and was just like all the children in the hall today. She found she loved sports and thought she would like to take it further. She started gymnastics then later when she was at secondary school progressed and was encouraged by her teacher to join an athletics club. Elise was also encouraged by her family, who many of you will know are very sporty!

Elise explained her timeline which included progressing from winning sports day at Freda Gardham in 2003 to taking part in the Sussex County Championships in 2008, then the British University Championships in 2011. In 2015 Elise was chosen to represpent England then Great Britain in the Heptathlon Championships. 2016 saw her achieve her first international medal for long jump as well as her amazing record of jumping 6.02m.

Elise brought in the medals she has won along her journey and told the children about the opportunities that have arisen during that time. She has travelled, met numerous famous athletes and trained with Jessica Ennis Hill for 3 years!

Even though Elise has achieved all of this she told us that she still has goals. She wants to inspire young people to get involved in sports and her ultimate dream would be to be able to take part in the Tokyo Olympics!

We hope her dream comes true! Everyone left the hall feeling truly inspired by all they had heard.