‘Waves’ Hours of operation

We operate Monday to Friday term time only Breakfast Club: 8am -8.30am

After School Club: 3.00 pm -5.00 pm

‘Waves’ Location

We are located in the Pugwash nursery. Our setting provides excellent facilities for the children’s play, including a large variety of toys, activities and equipment for the children to explore. We also have a safe and stimulating outdoor area in which the children can play.

In the morning, our Breakfast Club children are able to walk straight from the Pugwash room into the main school corridor where they can safely and independently walk themselves to their classroom.

In the afternoon our school staff will safely release the children from their classroom and the children will be able to access ‘Waves’ after school club from the school corridor, ensuring that they do not need to leave the building, when transitioning from school to ‘Waves’ after school club.

After school club staff have a daily attendance list to ensure they are aware of who is attending on which day.

Our club operates a doorbell entry system before and after school for parents and carers. Please arrive at the separate external Pugwash Nursery entrance, located at the side of the school . Please press the bell on the door at the top of the slope to the nursery and wait for your child to enter or be dismissed from the club.

Provision aims

Our Aim at ‘Waves’ breakfast and after school club is to ensure that we provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment, offering a range of activities to reflect the interests of the children in our care. It is important that the children feel relaxed, content and happy both before and after school. We strive to provide the best possible experience for every child in their time with us.

What We Offer

We plan and deliver a range of activities. Children are free to choose from the variety of play equipment that is available to them or participate in an adult led activity. There will always be a selection of activities and resources available, including dressing up, home corner, craft, board games, construction, physical play, cookery and reading. In addition, other resources are available for the children to select from our equipment library.

What We Provide

Health and wellbeing are an important part of our service. We provide healthy snacks at every session and encourage health and wellbeing awareness and physical activities. The food we provide at the ‘Waves’ club is not intended as a substitute for a main evening meal. We promote independence by encouraging the children to help to pour their own drinks and to clear away after themselves. We meet individual dietary requirements and parental preferences wherever possible and ensure fresh drinking water is available at all times. An example of some of our afternoon snacks are; tortilla wraps, beans/ spaghetti on toast, tomato pasta, crumpets, fresh fruit and veg with cheese and yoghurt. All the food we supply is ordered from Tesco.

Additional Clubs Within School

We are aware that there are some school clubs or activities that take place after school, such as book club and homework club. If your child is booked to attend any of these clubs, they can be brought to ‘Waves’ after school club afterwards, if you provide consent with the following details:

Please note that ‘Waves’ after school club are not responsible for children during the time they are attending any additional, internal school clubs and we will not be collecting from any of these clubs, due to staff ratios and the safety of the other children. It will be the responsibility of the person/teacher running their club to bring the children to us and sign them into ‘Waves’ after school club. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to agree this procedure with the organisers of the club. We require the following from you, in writing:

• Permission for your child to be brought to ‘Waves’ After School Club by the person responsible for the club/activity.

• Consent for that person to sign your child in to ‘Waves’ after school club.

• The specific day(s) and time(s) of the named club(s) your child will attend.

Afternoon supper will be served at 4.15/4.30pm, ensuring that children who attend school based after school clubs, before ‘Waves’ after school club, will not miss out on eating their tea with their friends.


Staff are known to the children as they are all existing staff members from Pugwash nursery or the Primary school. They have all been recruited in line with safer recruitment procedures and have enhanced DBS checks. We are committed to safeguarding and regularly review and update our safeguarding policy and procedures. The staff members have significant experience of working with children and undertake professional development training. We maintain a staff/child ratio which is in line with Ofsted guidelines and ensures the safety of the children in our setting. Designated employees have responsibility for safeguarding, special educational needs, fire safety and first aid. If you have a query or concern at any time, please speak to a member of staff at the club. If you prefer to arrange an appointment for a meeting please contact the school office, by email or telephone using the contact details at the back of this handbook.

Meet the Team 

Our aim is to provide a smooth transition between school and club. We share a wealth of experience of caring for children, including childcare qualifications and other ongoing professional development. Our friendly team always look forward to welcoming the children and are happy to assist you with any queries.

Payment and Fees:

Spring Term 2022 Onwards (3 January 2022)

Breakfast Club



After school club

3-4pm £5

3-5pm £10

Emergency Booking Fee

Permanent members can book additional sessions at the club. A booking with less than 24 hours’ notice is charged an additional administration fee of £6.00

Late collection fees

Customers will be charged for each 15 minutes (per child) that they are late for collection of their child.

£16 for each 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes

Payment Information

Fees are payable weekly in advance for the following week.

Your child will not be able to attend the club until payment is received.

‘Waves’ is not taking any casual, ‘on the day’ bookings, however, if your child is a permanent member of the club, then additional days can be booked, if there is availability, by emailing the school office. An emergency booking fee is chargeable for bookings with less than 24 hours’ notice.

The price per session per child applies to all children. This is payable for all booked sessions including when your child is sick, or on holiday (regardless of the amount of notice given). The only exception is if your child’s class is closed due to COVID19. We do not charge for bank holidays and professional training days.

If you have a query or experience difficulty paying the fees, please speak in confidence to the school office.

For further information about the Waves After School Club and for all our policy and procedural information please refer to handbook below. 

Waves After School Club Handbook





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